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The Michigan Organization link in the main menu at the left list is where you may find contact information on all the organizations that were active. The information will be updated to reflect as much new information as possible.  If you can help with any information that is not currently listed or if the existing information may be incorrect, please help by E-mailing: miaabc@comcast.net or simply click on the "Contact Michigan AABC" link in the main menu.
2016 K & K Insurance
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The first two pages are for single teams and pages 3 & 4 are when you chose to insure an entire league.

This page was last updated: May 3, 2016
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Michigan AABC suggests all teams/leagues read and study 

"Abuse and Neglect" on aabc.us 

We also strongly recommend you consider, K&K INSURANCE,
the AABC carrier for your team/league 2016 insurance needs.

This policy
includes a coverage concerning the above topic.

Cheryl Pettibone is your contact for additional insurance questions.
1-800-441-3994 or 260-459-5594. For your information, the
aabc will require  this insurance for all regional and world series play in 

2016.  Additionally, there will  be no insurance waivers  in 2016. These
changes were approved by the AABC board and general membership.
2016 AABC will continue with a “Direct to World Series Approach” for ages 8 through 13 with the exception of the 12 and under 
Pee Wee Reese.